Controlling the Impact of Tunnelling on Surrounding Structures

Work Package 9

As Tunnelling construction is forced to address increasingly complex scenarios, particularly in urban environments, the NeTTUN Consortium believes there should be essential requirements to be considered before work can commence.

Thus the NeTTUN team’s main objectives on this Work Package are to:

a) Enhance the performance of physical and numerical modelling of ground movements due to mechanised tunnelling in soft grounds;

b) Study the impact of EPBS tunnel excavation on different types of structures;

c) Extend the monitoring capabilities in the vicinity of a tunnel work site;

d) Develop a method to provide early detection of over-excavations in TBM tunnelling;

e) Evaluate effectiveness and provide a rational basis for the design and implementation of mitigation measures.

The five objectives interact logically in forming a complete project and are not parallel developments led independently.

The NeTTUN Consortium is very fortunate to have as a partner METC who are currently engaged in building the new metro line C under ancient monuments in Rome. There can be no greater challenge than to assist METC, with highly experienced research lab beneficiaries in Rome-URO2, Athens-NTUA and Lyon-ENTPE, to ensure there is zero impact on this UNESCO World Heritage landscape during tunnelling construction.