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Decision Support on Tunnel Maintenance Management

Period September 2012 – February 2014

WP10 Decision Support System
Maintenance management of tunnels and underground structures involves the need of guaranteeing the operation under full safety conditions while optimising their overall maintenance costs. The goal of WP10 is to build a Decision Support System (DSS) that will facilitate the decision-making process concerning tunnel diagnosis, assisting maintenance experts in defining the appropriate strategy in terms of inspections and maintenance operations
This DSS system captures the diagnosis process done by tunnel experts, implementing a systematic approach for tunnel maintenance.

Ontology on tunnel diagnosis.
The first step in building this knowledge base has been to capture the diagnosis process into a conceptual model, based on knowledge elicitation with the European tunnel experts and by consulting literature. This conceptual model represents a very valuable resource that includes disorders observed during the inspections, tunnel common pathologies, influencing factors representing the factors involved on pathology development or having an influence on pathology evolution. This knowledge has then been classified and linked in order to identify typical disorders associations for pathologies and typical influencing factors for pathologies development and evolution. This conceptual model has been converted into a modular ontology suite using a widely-used ontology development methodology.

WP10 photo

WP10 team is composed of SNCF and University of Leeds members:
Joaquin Valdes, Patrick Thiaudière, Anthony Cohn, Vania Dimitrova, Dhaval Thakker.
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