Decision Support System for Tunnel Maintenance Management

Work Package 10

The objective is to build a decision support system that  facilitates the decision-making process concerning tunnel diagnosis, assisting maintenance experts in defining the appropriate strategy in terms of inspections and maintenance operations. A diagnosis can be defined as the judgement drawn, for a tunnel, after an analysis combining all the different investigations realised in situ (inspections, monitoring) and an underlying theoretical understanding of tunnel condition evolution, which has been gained from physical principles and experts’ experience.

The system allows an implementation of the maintenance strategy, guiding the choice of action needed (inspections, works, supervision…), organising priorities and achieving a better distribution of the allocated budget. It will implement a systematic approach for tunnel maintenance, based on tools with objective criteria (the same for each tunnel).

Furthermore, the new decision support system will implement a sustainable expert knowledge management process, creating conditions for a more effective and efficient training of new experts, providing a rationalised method of data assessment. In this way knowledge transmission to a next expert generation will be more robust, reliable and more objective.