URO2 Project Scope

URO2 Organisation           URO2 Key Personnel

Tor Vergata’s role in the NeTTUN project focuses on WP9 (Impact of tunnelling on surrounding structures). The Principal Investigator, Prof. Giulia Viggiani, has considerable experience in this area.

Also part of Tor Vergata’s team are professors Sebastiano Rampello and Luigi Callisto, from Roma La Sapienza. All three are currently members of the Geotechnical Team of the International Technical and Scientific Committee (CTS) set up to assist the designers of Line C of Roma Underground, in close cooperation with the general contractor, Metro C ScpA. The contribution of Tor Vergata to the project will be in the area of numerical modelling of excavation-induced ground displacements. Prof. Giulia Viggiani will also be the Leader of WP9, coordinating the activities carried out by other participants on physical small-scale modelling of an EPB TBM (ENTPE), the in-situ monitoring of ground displacements induced by construction of contract T3 of Line C (METC), and excavated volume measurements (NTUA).