TUDelft Project Scope

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The main effort of TUD/IRCTR in the NeTTUN project is in WP3 which involves the conceptual design of the forward looking GPR installed on the TBM cutter head and the experimental evaluation of the developed GPR sensor. Other activities are also foreseen in the study of the context, system simulation, design of control and data processing module, field experiment, and dissemination.

TUD/IRCTR contributes to the project with highly developed UWB lab facilities, expertise on radar sensors and M.Sc. students, who will perform their final M.Sc. projects in the area of the project.

For CiTG

CiTG is responsible for the prediction of ground characteristics by using seismic methods. CiTG will carry out modelling studies and signal analyses of the seismic system and the tool will be installed on board of the TBM. The group of CiTG geophysicists will be advised by engineers from the Section of Geo-Engineering. This section will provide expertise on underground space technology and the influence of the construction of deep excavations on the sensitive urban environment.