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Systra Organisation

SYSTRA is considered an essential player in major infrastructure projects in France and offers its customers a variety of skills. Already active in the international marketplace, SYSTRA has the necessary technical expertise to further develop its activities in this context. A whollyowned subsidiary of SNCF, SYSTRA was created in 2006 to meet the growing engineering needs of railway, tram, tram-train and underground lines. SYSTRA’s consolidated turnover amounted to 100 M€ in 2010, and they have approx. 800 employees as of end 2010, with around 40% women.

SYSTRA is a recognised expert in the civil engineering of linear infrastructures: conventional rail or highspeed lines, roadway, motorway, and waterway transportation; this is transport engineering dedicated to the development of underground spaces and infrastructures. SYSTRA is involved in new infrastructure projects from the feasibility study stage through to detailed design, but also handles the design of platforms and maintenance workshops.

One of the experiences the most relevant for NeTTUN is the involvement of a team from SYSTRA tunnels in the EUPALINOS research programme under the authority of AFTES, from 1995 to 2000, before creation of the corporate entity SYSTRA, on the topic A “Survey prediction at the front of the TBM”. Utilising EOLE worksite (L=1,5 km ; Ø7,4m), a geological survey was implemented at the front of the TBM, with boreholes during the advancement of the machine and geophysical survey within these boreholes (radar, electrical cylinder, seismic).

Being the Project Manager and Designer of several tunnelling projects (FREJUS security gallery, Lyon- Turin link – French part, Interconnecting High Speed Lines South Paris area, …) including the geological survey definition in the preliminary stage of the design, SYSTRA has recognised experience in the field of interpretation of geological campaign regarding tunnelling construction methods.