SNCF Key Personnel

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Joaquin Valdes, civil engineer, has ten years experience in the domain of tunnels, mainly in construction, safety and aerodynamic aspects, being involved in rail and road projects. He has recently managed an UIC work group about ventilation in railway tunnels and participates in the AFTES association (Association Française des Travaux Souterrains). Joaquin Valdes is Work Package Leader for WP10.

Gilles Paradis, geotechnical engineer, is the chief of tunnel service. He has over 30 years experience in the construction and maintenance of underground structures. He has designed, for example, the Monte- Carlo tunnel for the recent regional line RER E. He participates in the AFTES association and teaches in different engineering schools about tunnelling and tunnel maintenance.

Gilles Doublot, expert and tunnel inspector, has lengthy experience in maintenance. He has visited hundreds of SNCF tunnels. He has been the project manager of the development of RADIS software (Relevé d’Avaries Détaillé Informatisé) and the development of an automatic system for evaluating the state of each tunnel.

Patrick Thiaudière, expert and tunnel inspector, has worked in the domain of tunnel maintenance for 30 years. His very long experience in tunnel maintenance is actually recognised as a “Synapse expert” in the SNCF. He has participated for years in the UIC group about “Maintenance of tunnels” which concluded with the 779-10 UIC leaflet. He teaches in different training courses about tunnels.