SIALTEC Key Personnel

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Pierre De Sloovere graduated from the Liege School of mines in 1970 and later established and managed ME2i (1985-2011). Since 1988, he is professor at the Engineering School of the Brussels University in addition to his engineering work at ME2i and Sialtec. Pierre works with Sialtec since 1993 (Nice-Torino project at Santa Anna, Mercantour). Among his relevant past experience:

  •  Technical manager of the Underground Liquefied Natural Gas Storage at Schelle near Antwerp (Belgium); pilot unit with liquefied nitrogen (1981-1984)
  • REVIN underground project (CEA) management of this underground laboratory in schist (200 m deep) simulating high pressure storage, set-up of pressures cells in deep boring, remote monitoring.
  • Vibration monitoring of Euralille tower in Lille – determination to the reason of strange vibrations(1998-2000)
  • Many geophysical and dynamic studies in French, Italy, Belgium, and Africa.

Pierre Devin is a civil engineer from Politecnico di Milano (1982) He joined ISMES, which later became Enel Hydro, where he was responsible for geomechanical testing and data processing. Among his relevant work:

  •  Finite difference analysis of displacement measurements for optimizing tunnel construction in swelling rock
  •  Lyon-Turin railway line: Dilatometric tests, water tests (pulse and slug tests) and hydro fracturing
  •  Monitoring of the Punta della Dogana a Venice, of the tower of Pisa, etc.
  • Underground hydroelectric plant Giacomo al Vomano – Abruzzi, Italy: Testing of hydraulic fracturing and overcoring for measuring the stress state
  •  Diversion tunnel of the dam Ridracoli – Emilia Romagna, Italy: Permeability tests and measurement of the stress state

Stefano Guido graduated from the Bologna University School of Mines, with a thesis in rock mechanics. His expertise mainly concerns the mechanical properties of rocks and soils, in particular the stress state in rock for which Stefano has developed a prototype measurement device. He is also deeply involved in numerical modelling of geotechnical works.