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Sial.tec Engineering Societa’ A Responsabilita’ Limitata – SIALTEC

Sial.tec is a team of engineers specialised in soil and rock mechanics, in tunnel and dam monitoring. This team was previously the geomechanics division of Enel Hydro. Sialtec has a long experience in introducing probes, transmitter dilatometer tests, Goodman jack, hydrotests, in boreholes even at high depth. Sialtec practices plate load tests and Csiro tests.

Sialtec has designed, developed, and built a hydraulic tester called HYDROTEST that allows measuring very low levels of permeability in rock and soils even at very high depth, by transient test (pulse test).

Sialtec took part at the development of the pneumatic hammer MARGOT used in seismic surveys of the Mol gallery (Belgium).