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Razel is a building and public works company founded in 1880, with 2900 employees, 300 projects per year and a consolidated turnover of 405 million Euros. Razel can proudly assert the diversity and quality of its know-how built up over more than a century in every area of public works, civil engineering (33% of turnover), tunnelling (17% of turnover), earthworks (22% of turnover), Roads (9% of turnover), urban engineering, dams, maritime and waterway projects. Razel’s activity is 75% in France and 25% in Africa.

Razel is part of the Fayat Group since end 2008. Fayat is France’s N°1 independent construction group, N°1 in the world in compaction equipment, European N°1 in road maintenance equipment and N°1 in steelworks in France. With major industrial facilities in Europe, Asia and North America, Fayat encompasses 118 autonomous subsidiaries in all the core businesses of building and public works, with 17200 employees and a consolidated turnover of 2.740 billion euros.

In tunnelling works, Razel has expertise in every digging and support technique. Depending on the type of structure to be built and the project specifications, Razel may employ blasting techniques or boomheader machines but also the most modern tunnelling techniques whether it is slurry pressure balance or earth pressure balance by keeping the working face pressurised or even in hard rock (TBMs).

Razel is founded on values in keeping with the aims of health & safety, environment & quality. The Razel Group was among the first building and public works companies to adopt approaches with a view to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.