OHL Project Scope

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The contribution of OHL in the NeTTUN Project focuses mainly on their experience in tunneling works with TBMs, both hard rock and soft ground. The main projects developed by OHL in its Construction Division in Spain in this area have been:

  • South Guadarrama Tunnels (high speed train): 2 bored tunnels 14 km long each one with 2 hard rock double shields TBMs. (Ø 9.4 m)
  •  Barcelona Metro: Boring along Metro Line 9 with an EBP TBM. (Ø 12 m)
  •  Madrid Metro: 1 bored tunnel in Metronorte Line 5.5 km long with 1 EPB TBM. (Ø 9.33 m)
  • Júcar-Vinalopó Tunnels (water supply Project): 2 bored tunnels 2.7 km each one with 1 hard rock double shield TBM. (Ø 3.43 m)
  • Trinidad Tunnel (water supply Project): 1 bored tunnel 6.2 km with 1 hard rock double shield TBM. (Ø 6 m)
  • Tarrasa Tunnels (local train): 2 bored tunnels 3.2 km long each one with 2 EPB TBMs. (Ø 6.9 m)
  •  Móstoles-Navalcarnero Tunnel (local train): 1 bored tunnel 1.35 km long with 1 EPB machine. (Ø 10.55 m)

OHL will participate in the following technical and development project areas:

  •  Improved cutter tools with extended lifetime.
  •  Modelling of global project risks.
  •  Excavated materials volume measurement.

OHL will provide database and information for the first step of each researched theme and will be in charge of tests on operating TBMs.