OHL Key Personnel

OHL Project Scope        OHL Organisation

To develop these tasks OHL puts at the project disposal

  • Sergio Córdoba, M.Sc. Industrial Engineer, with 10 years experience in tunnelling works
  • Javier Rodriguez del Val, M.Sc. Civil Engineer, 35 years experience in civil construction, current OHL’s machinery pool Director (which include various TBMs)
  • Miguel Amérigo, M.Sc. Civil Engineer, Head of R&D&I at OHL, with 10 years experience in R&D&I project management in construction sector
  • Juan Ignacio Mayayo, M.Sc. Agricultural Engineer, specialist at OHL R&D&I Department with 5 years experience in R&D&I projects
  • Ramón Martínez, junior M.Sc. Civil Engineer full time dedicated to NeTTUN
  • Luis Sánchez de Movellán, M.Sc. Civil Engineer, with 7 years experience in underground works
  • and the worker team at the job site where the test on the TBMs will be carried out.