National Technical University of Athens – NTUA

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National Technical University of Athens – NTUA

 The University

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology, and has contributed to the country’s scientific, technical and economic development since its foundation in 1836. It is divided into nine academic Schools, eight being for the engineering sciences, including architecture, and one for the general sciences. The personnel of the nine Faculties include more than 700 people as academic staff, 140 scientific assistants and 260 administrative and technical staff. The total number of NTUA employees is about 1350. The total number of undergraduate students is about 8500 and the graduate students about 1500. About 50% of the student population is women.

The Department of Geotechnical Engineering

The Department of Geotechnical Engineering  belongs to the School of Civil Engineering of NTUA. Its goal is to advance education and research in the topics of Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Engineering Geology and Geoenvironmental Engineering. The Department staff comprises of 8 faculty members, 21 Ph.D. candidates, 10 postdoctoral researchers and 9 staff members providing administrative and laboratory support. The Department houses two Laboratories; the Soil Mechanics Laboratory and the Foundation Engineering Laboratory. Since 1998 the Department of Geotechnical Engineering co-organizes the Postgraduate Course “Design and Construction of Underground Works”.