INCAS Partners


INCAS PARTNERS SAS – In-Ground Consulting and Strategy – are an independent company that provides strategic, contractual and technical consulting services in the field of underground works and infrastructures worldwide.

INCAS PARTNERS support the main projects’ Actors (e.g., decision-makers, owners, public institutions, contractors, engineering companies, etc.) in organising their teams and know-how, in improving the quality of their engineering services and products, in delivering their projects, in innovating and internationalising their approach. We help solving design, construction, and contractual issues that can arise during the project development, we help developing strategic opportunities, and we provide expert witness and claim resolution support.

INCAS PARTNERS install a privileged professional collaboration and a strong partnership with their Clients, and provide methods, best practices,  high level expertise, and experience. We are able to work in an integrated mode with our Clients’ organisation.

To provide the necessary high level expertise in a flexible, effective and quick way, as demanded by the market, INCAS PARTNERS have introduced an innovative working model based on a well selected network of experts in France and internationally. By building a service based on the co-founders recognised know-how and supported by a network of high level experts, we help our Clients to develop their business, to keep a competitive advantage in their field of activity, and to propose new ideas and solutions in their projects.

INCAS PARTNERS SAS is registered in France (registration number 817 425 218, at the Register of Commerce and Societies of Paris), with a capital of 60 000 €. The head quarter is located in Paris, 75018, 54 rue Lamarck.

The two co-founders of INCAS PARTNERS are women (no employees).

  • Key personnel involved in the project :

Magali SCHIVRE, co-founder and partner of INCAS PARTNERS, is a senior tunnelling and geotechnical engineer, with more than 15 years of experience in underground works (railways, roads, sewage), acquired in VINCI, SNCF, and SYSTRA.

Magali has worked on several ambitious project, like High Speed Links, or doubling the Frejus Road Tunnel, or the EOLE extension, and the Grand Paris Express Project, acting as well on the engineering side or as a Owner advisor. Acquiring experience from the early stage of design to the construction phase, her experience encompasses major aspects of underground projects:

  • Global Design of underground works (railways, roads, sewage)
    • Functional design of railway tunnels, and safety issues and equipment during operation phase;
    • Design of tunnels, stations, caverns, shafts, cut and cover structures, retaining structures, etc.;
    • Guidelines and tools for tunnel design;
    • Conventional and mechanized construction methods;
  • Risk assessment and risk management;
  • Cost assessment and construction planning;
  • Technical assistance for underground contracts (requirements, bid phase, claims …);
  • Technical assistance during underground construction works;
  • Expert committee.

Magali is co-animator of the working group GT4 « Mechanized Tunnelling» of the AFTES (Association Française des Tunnels et de l’Espace Souterrain – French Association of Tunnels and Underground Space) and Vice-animator of the working group WG17 « Long tunnels at greath depth » of ITA-AITES (International Tunnelling and Underground Space)

Magali will be the INCAS PARTNERS Project Leader for NeTTUN. Magali is very familiar with the project as she has been involved with NeTTUN since its inception, in 2011.

Elena CHIRIOTTI, cofounder and president of INCAS PARTNERS, has a has a degree in Civil Engineering (Geotechnics and Hydraulics) and a Ph.D in Rock Mechanics and almost 25 years’ experience in the design, project management and construction follow-up of underground works. An experience grown within engineering companies specialised in underground works, and major French engineering companies, creating, piloting and managing technical sectors, and working on international metros, railways and roads projects.

She has worked in the domain of design and construction supervision of various tunnelling projects around the world, including railway, metro, hydro and road tunnels. The experience collected over 20 years of professional life include: design and construction follow-up of underground works, in particular mechanised tunnelling and conventional tunnelling works in difficult conditions and in urban areas; construction methods; tunnel safety; quantitative assessment of tunnelling induced settlements and vibrations and their impact on existing buildings; design of ground treatment and reinforcement of existing structures; design of monitoring systems and data interpretation; numerical modelling; technical specifications; risk assessment and risk management; contract management.

Elena has conceived and led many research and development programs for engineering companies in the past 20 years, has contributed to write a book on Mechanised Tunnelling in Urban Areas, and has more than 40 publications in the domain of underground works. Elena collaborates regularly with CETU (Centre d’Etudes des Tunnels), a technical and scientific research organization created by the French Ministry of Transports in 1970, involved in all technical aspects of road tunnels, from design to construction, maintenance, operation and safety.

She is also an active member of AFTES (Association Française des Tunnels et de l’Espace Souterrain – French Association of Tunnels and Underground Space) and ITA (International Tunnelling Association), where she participates in several working groups writing national and international recommendation on underground works. Since 2016, she is the animator of ITA Working Group 2 – Research (dealing, among others, with the preparation of an international Application Guide on Risk Management for Undergroud Works), and invited speaker and lecturer in international forums, international ITA training courses, Tunnelling Master Courses (Politecnico of Turin), and University courses (CNAM, Paris).

Within the NeTTUN Project, Elena will provide her knowledge and experience to the advanced ground prediction Work Packages.

  • Project scope : INCAS PARTNERS ’s contribution to the NETTUN

NeTTUN focuses on the design and integration of an advanced ground prediction system, ahead of the excavation front; essentially, this integrates a radar, a seismic sub-system and a data fusion system integrated in the TBM.

INCAS PARTNERS will contribute to the activity of NeTTUN in the domain of improving the ground prediction capabilities ahead of the tunnel face, considering the requirements of future tunnelling construction projects. INCAS PARTNERS will also provide valuable input on the relevance, quality, and reliability of the results, specifically during the TBM excavation.

Being able to represent the point of view of the end-users, INCAS PARTNERS will help defining requirements and capabilities of the systems to be developed, so that they respond to the real needs during construction. INCAS will help defining the expected quality and exploitability of the in-situ results of the radar and the seismic measures. INCAS will also help defining how these results could be made available, processed and exploited on a jobsite during the execution of the excavation.


NeTTUN will benefit of the experience of Magali Schivre and Elena Chiriotti, co-founders of INCAS, who have been tunnel Project Managers and Designers of several important tunnelling projects (EOLE – East West Express Link – extension in Paris, Grand Paris Express Project, Copenhagen Metro, Cairo Metro, Lyon Turin link, Frejus safety tunnel, Hanoi Metro, etc.).

INCAS have a strong experience in the geotechnical, geomechanical and geophysical fields applied to the construction methods required for underground projects. Making this experience available, INCAS can help fitting the research program to the requirements of underground works, and defining the adequate level of specifications to create an operational tool.

Being experienced in what is required to allow performing a good construction follow-up of a TBM excavation, even with the constrains of a continuous and rapid excavation, INCAS PARTNERS will help to define and adjust the visualization system, in order to be able to use it in the daily life of a jobsite. Magali and Elena has done many publications on the topic of the back-analysis of TBM tunnelling, including on long and deep tunnels and urban tunnelling.

For this specific Item, Magali will act as a technical advisor for WP5.

Using their experience in the construction follow-up of TBM excavations, INCAS PARTNERS will act as the interface between the NETTUN project and the team on site of the company who will operate the TBM in Saint Martin La Porte worksite.

INCAS PARTNERS will help defining how the data acquisition system can be exploited considering the constraints of the advancement of the TBM. Finding the right mix of automatic and user-based interpretation is critical to the success of the tool, and his needs to be accurately defined.

Being close to the client’s needs and having worked on the design of large underground urban projects, INCAS PARTNERS can also contribute to the analysis of future market needs for TBMs.