IDS Key Personnel

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Guido Manacorda born in 1965, graduated in Electronics Engineering in 1992 at Pisa University. He contributed to the development of the first innovative array-based GPR within a project developed by IDS in cooperation with Telecom Italia: these prototypes have been the basis for the growth of the GPR product line at IDS featuring multi-channel and multi-frequency characteristics. He has the widest experience in terms of application of GPR to Non Destructive Testing on subsoil utilities, buildings, archaeology etc .He is the author of several journals and conference publications on GPR design and applications. From 1999, Guido is the Chief Engineer of the GeoRadar division at IDS. He is the Project Manager for IDS and will lead all aspects of the research on the NeTTUN radar. Guido Manacorda  is the Work Package Leader for WP3.

Mauro Bandinelli born in 1959, graduated in Electronics Engineering (cum laude) in 1986 at Florence University. Mauro leads the “Computational Electromagnetic Laboratory” and the “Space Laboratory” at IDS and his current research includes the development of Electromagnetic methods development (numerical methods, hybrid techniques, asymptotic methods, development of simulation codes for antenna analysis, modelling of e.m. radiation interaction with complex environments, patch array design). Mauro will be the IDS Project Leader for all the aspects concerning the radar antenna modeling and design.

Stefania Bracciali born in 1974, graduated in Electronics Engineering in 2001 at Pisa University. She spent two years at the Engineering Faculty in the study of an atomic emission spectrometry system developed in cooperation with the National Research Council (CNR). From 2004 to 2007 she developed real-time software of critical systems for WASS (a Finmeccanica company). From March 2007 she joined IDS and she contributed to the development of acquisition and post-processing software for GPR products for subsoil utilities, railway and archaeology applications. Stefania will be the IDS Project Leader for all the activities concerning the software development.