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EPFL’s role in the project NeTTUN focuses on WP8 (Modelling of global project risks). Jean-Paul Dudt from EPFL  has co-developed a tool called “Decision Aids in Tunnelling” (DAT) which allows decision making under uncertainties. DAT asks the user to first list all geological and construction related uncertainties which affect Tunnelling, and to quantify them. With this input, DAT computes the resulting uncertainties on several outcomes (like construction cost and time, produced muck, used resources, etc.) by applying the Monte Carlo method. Like in all computer software, the quality of the DAT results depends on the quality of the input, i.e. on the adequate estimation of the geological and the construction uncertainties.

The main task of EPFL in the project NeTTUN will be to create – based on past experience – a database quantifying all possible Tunnelling problems which may affect construction cost and time in given geological conditions and with specific construction methods. The purpose of the database is to allow the future DAT users to input adequate and realistic uncertainties in order to improve the DAT output and hence the decisions based on it, i.e. the choice of the best alignment, the optimal number and position of the intermediate attacks, the adequate Tunnelling method, the most appropriate type of TBM, etc. and thus to minimise the risk on the Tunnelling project.