ENTPE Key Personnel

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Prof. Henry K.K. Wong worked for French geotechnical consultancy SIMECSOL for around 10 years, before joining DGCB at ENTPE in 1995, as a permanent researcher. Currently professor and one of the 4 research team leaders of DGCB, he has led researches in several different areas. These include tunnel stability accounting for lining support and face reinforcement; the thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of underground storage of nuclear wastes; the behaviour of unsaturated and saturated fine sands and silts subject to complex paths of hydromechanical loadings. He has published around 30 journal papers and more than 40 conference papers.

Dr. Denis Branque is associate professor at ENTPE and a permanent researcher for DGCB since 2001. His research activities concern tunnelling in soft ground (physical and numerical modelling) and the behaviour of unsaturated fine sands and silts subject to complex hydromechanical loadings (experimental and theoretical studies). He is involved in a long term collaborative research project with the French authority for tunnelling (AFTES) within the framework of national projects (Eupalinos 2000), and with the French Tunnelling Centre (CETU: Centre d’Etude des Tunnels). An important part of these research activities concerns the stability and general behaviour of tunnels during construction. He has published around 20 papers in international journals and conferences.