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Dr Bénédicte Martin graduated from the French Engineering school INSA de Lyon in 1992, and she received a doctorate in material mechanics from another French Engineering school Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 1997.   After the experience of preparation, negociation and submission of EU R&D projects in a consulting firm, she joined Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 2000 as European Affairs Manager. She has more than 15 years experience in the management of EU-funded research. Dr Martin is Coordinator for the NeTTUN project.

Dr. Philippe Kapsa (CNRS Senior Scientist) graduated from ECL in 1976 and got a PhD thesis from Université de Lyon in 1982. Since then, his works are related to wear phenomena analysis, development of specific laboratory tribometers and optimisation of tribological interfaces. He is the former director of LTDS.

Dr. Vincent Fridrici (Ass. Professor) graduated from ECL in 1999 (PhD thesis in ECL in 2002) and is working on the wear behaviour of sliding contacts. Dr. Vincent Fridrici is Work Package Leader for WP7.

Professor Philippe Dubujet is the head of the EMG group of LTDS. His research interests lie in numerical modelling of geomechanics and environmental geomechanics. In the NeTTUN project, he ensures the coordination of the task 7.1: Numerical modelling of material flow around drag bit.

Marie Chaze (CNRS Senior Research Engineer) has 15 years of experience in Numerical Simulation and DEM modelling, dedicated to the micromechanical multi-scale study of the behaviour of granular media (development in terms of micromechanical variables (geometry of grains, contact laws), scientific computations with the open source code LMGC90, analysis at micro or macro-scale).

Ousseïni Marou Alzouma,  PhD Student at ECL/LTDS with a Masters Degree in Materials and Metallurgy from Université de Lorraine in 2012, is working on the understanding of wear phenomena occuring on TBM drag bits.