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Two research groups of LTDS (TMS: Tribology-Materials-Surfaces belonging to TPCDI team and EMG: Environment and Mechanics of Geomaterials belonging to MMP team) are involved in WP7 of NeTTUN, for which LTDS is the WP leader.

The TMS group of LTDS is very well equipped with laboratory tribometers and analysis tools (microscopes, SEM, roughness measurements…). It has also the know-how to develop specific tribometers. It is used to work on research programmes in collaboration with other labs and companies, within industrial contracts or government/EU-funded research programmes. All this will be of benefit for the work to be done on this project.

In addition the EMG group of LTDS has acquired important knowledge in analyzing, understanding and modelling of the mechanical behaviour of soils and granular media. It has also the know how to implement numerical methods like the Finite Element Method and the Discrete Element Method in the soil-structure interaction framework. All this will also be of benefit to the NeTTUN project.

ECL-LTDS is the Project Coordinator, and the interface for any communication between the European Commission and any partner of the NeTTUN project. ECL-LTDS mainly administers the financial contribution of the EC and transmits all the deliverables to the EC.