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Daniel Collomb is an expert engineer specialising in tunnelling and underground construction, and graduated in Civil Engineering in 1986 at EPFL (Switzerland). D. Collomb has wide experience in tunnelling projects and his main references concern the Loetschberg basis tunnel which is a 35 km long railway tunnel in Switzerland and the international section of Lyon-Turin high speed link which includes the basis tunnel (57 km long). For the NeTTUN project, D. Collomb coordinates the experts’ interviews that are necessary to build the database. He also follows the developments of the operation in order to make the link with professional needs.

Laurent Chantron is a senior engineer specialising in tunnelling and underground construction. Graduated in Civil Engineering in 1995 at ENTPE (France), he first worked during 10 years at CETU (Tunnel Design Center) which is the tunnelling specialist service of the French Ministry of Transport. Working in BG Lyon for five years, he is in charge of large tunnelling projects such as revision of basic design studies for the Lyon – Turin basis tunnel. Laurent Chantron was the WP leader until April 2014. Since this date Nathalie Monin is the WP leader.

Nathalie Monin is a senior engineer specialised in tunnelling and underground constructions. Graduated in Geology in 1998 from the University of Savoie (France), she first worked during 15 years at Lyon-Turin Ferroviaire for the design of the future 57 km long basis tunnel from St-Jean-de-Maurienne to Susa and for theconstruction of the 3 survey access tunnels. Working at BG Lyon’s office, she’s in charge of large tunnelling projects. She has a large knowledge of DAT applications in tunnel design.